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Patient Reviews

Find out why our Chiropractors have been in this community for over four decades.
It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Cressey and I can state unequivocally that he deserves the wonderful reviews that my clients (and others) give him and his office. While Dr. Cressey has vast knowledge in medical-legal issues, it is his chiropractic skills and communication skills that truly shine. Thank you Dr. Cressey for all of your fine work and kind treatment of my clients/your patients.
Jerome Konell Esq.
Dr. Kuo, is just remarkable. I was referred to him by a neighbor after having a severe car accident that really damaged my neck and back. The pain was excruciating. First of all, the staff at this facility is the best medical staff I have ever encountered. Lovely, kind, polite, professional...I am so grateful, because I wasn't always at my best walking into the office, but they were always patient and welcoming.

I started seeing Dr. Kuo 5 months after the aftermath of the accident that totaled my car, and thinking that I would never be the same again, Dr. Kuo, in just 3 1/2 months of therapy, twice a week, restored my health! I truly thought I would never be pain free, or be able to dance again! I have been treated by other chiropractors in the past, but never felt really comfortable with them. With Dr. Kuo, I have never felt more safe! He is very kind, professional, and very knowledgeable. He listens intently and explains every procedure, and if I wasn't comfortable about having something done, he never forced it upon me.

When I first began treatments with Dr. Kuo, I was very depressed, had sleepless, painful nights and now, I truly am pain free! My 89-year old mother, who was also in the accident, had also suffered terribly, to the point that she was affected mentally and her little body was gravely crooked. She came to really love and appreciate Dr. Kuo, as he used massage and some very gentle treatments, carefully considering her geriatric state and it truly helped her cope with her pain and left her feeling relieved. He also taught her caregiver and me, how to help her at home. I can't express my gratitude for the TLC, both He and his staff extended to her. God bless you Dr. Kuo and all of your wonderful staff, Robin, Kahiwa, Eddie, Jerry, and Franco...You're the BEST!
Brigitte F.
Patient -- Dr Kuo
I've been seeing Dr. De LA Cruz twice a week for the past month to help work on an annoying calf/foot issue that has been inhibiting my running. Just after two visits my foot issue went away! The pain that I was having in my lower leg has lesson with each visit! It is awesome to finally see a doctor that understands your needs and helps you get to where you want to be.

I think the best perk is Dr. De La Cruz understands runners. As a runner myself, he can relate to issues that come up and knows the proper way to treat the body. From adjustments, to Graston, to E-Stim, you really get the full works here! Appreciate each visit as he usually has to put up treating me post workout! I highly, highly recommend anyone to go see Dr. De La Cruz! You will not be disappointed!
Jennifer S.
Patient - Dr De La Cruz
Dr. Rodríguez is the best chiropractor in the 626! Highly recommended. I'm not a big fan of being twisted up like a pretzel and oh wow! I've been missing out on treatments like this. Dr. Rodríguez instantly helped with my back discomfort. I couldn't be more grateful for the treatment. Staff is professional as can be. Looking forward to the next session thank you so much!
Cris L.
Patient - Dr Rodriguez
Chiropractic care has been part of my life for decades, and working with Dr. Kevin Cressey has become an integral part of my ongoing body maintenance on more levels than I could've imagined when we first met. Early on, I fell in love with Dr. Cressey's practice and overall dedication - the fusion of Chiropractic care with sports and wellness awareness struck a cord with my lifestyle and suddenly, I felt safe and supported as someone who'd be adjusting for a lifetime but always felt shamed about it.

Through back pain and body aches, adjustments always made me feel better, and I didn't agree with the notion that the practice was anything less than positive if performed correctly. Thankfully, that's about the time I settled into Dr. Cressey's fancy moving adjustment table/bed and knew I'd found a perfect mate. Working together became more than a cracking session here and there - it became my first point of professional assessment for just about every injury and ailment. I'd always known my body well, but creating a Chiropractic care routine with a doctor who understood and integrated body awareness and strength like no one I'd seen took things to a whole new level. I began to catch my body before it got hurt and I learned how to adjust my daily routines and exercises in the most minor ways to create worlds of difference with body and muscle balance to prevent injury and encourage overall wellness.

Years began to pass, and I joyfully ran into the office for my appointments every week or two without looking back. But then things got interesting.... I began experiencing chronic pain - more pain than felt right, but always around my period and I was pushed time and time again to my OBGYN. I got tests, lots of tests, and through letter after letter that reported I was totally fine, I found myself sobbing in pain all night long without relief. It became second nature as months passed without answers and I settled on the notion that I was trippin with a case of bad cramps every month..... even though that didn't feel right. Then one day my mom burst through the door with big eyes. We'd always joked that I had my Grandmother's hips, but while caregiving that afternoon, an unknown piece of the past had been revealed that brought the joke to life. Grandma got her pelvis adjusted, on a very regular basis, for the majority of her life to combat chronic menstrual pain. You can probably guess what's next....

I called and moved up my appointment to, like, NOW and burst into Dr. Cressey's office with the same big eyes my mom had just passed onto me. Could this be?!? Could I have the same special pelvis problem as Grandma that just needs more specific Chiropractic care??? I don't think Dr. Cressey even spoke in that moment as I word vomited out all the intel I'd just received and every possibility going through my mind! His eyes widened with mine and he gestured for me to jump on the table for inspection, which revealed quite quickly that we were on to something.

What I now call weird pelvis pops are part of our adjustment routine and I know with absolute certainty that I can't get out of my Chiropractic care routine unless I want to welcome back sleepless nights of diabolical pain. No amount of pain killers have relieved what a matter of minutes in Dr. Cressey's hands can do, and THAT IS INCREDIBLE.

Ladies - if you haven't heard, let me be the first to tell you that your period and cramp cycle do not have to be and should not be times of sweltering pain and grief. Get help. Get an appointment with Dr. Cressey and get those sexy hips popped into the right place!!!
Rachael B.
Patient - Dr Cressey
Dr. Kuo is hands down the best chiropractor I've gone to see. I've struggled with lower back pain for years as a result of carrying heavy things in commercial kitchens incorrectly. I've been under the care of 3 other chiropractors and one acupuncturist and only until I saw Dr. Kuo has my back pain been maintained to a controllable level with the help of workouts and yoga.

He doesn't only "fix" the symptoms, but educates you on the roots of how the pain came to be and points out motions to be mindful of to avoid getting the pain again. He may be pricier that other chiropractors, but well worth the price because he works efficiently in getting you feeling better and maintaining it than what it takes many sessions with other chiropractors to feel okay for only a period of time.
Tc S.
Patient - Dr Kuo
I have been meeting with Dr. De La Cruz at De La Cruz Chiropractic Clinic in Pasadena and I must say, he is the BEST CHIROPRACTOR EVER!

For several months, I suffered from plantar fasciitis where I had severe heel pain and it was really hard for me to walk (specially when waking up in the morning or after sitting for a period of time). What was really challenging for me was that this prevented me from playing sports (basketball and tennis).

Since I wanted to get better, I met with different doctors multiple times and watched a lot of YouTube videos on how I can take care of and relieve the pain. After putting so much effort I felt like nothing was working since the pain kept coming back. But once I was referred to Dr. De La Cruz, things got a lot better! He worked on my foot for 4 sessions and I'm happy to say that I can finally wake up in the morning and play tennis/basketball without worrying about any pain.

I don't normally write this long but I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to Dr. De La Cruz and the Chiropractic Clinic staff (super friendly people and really nice place to visit) for the amazing and hospitable service. I would definitely come back and recommend Dr. De La Cruz to anyone needing Chiropractic services! He is a very competent guy who is genuinely caring, nice, and funny (he has a lot of jokes lol).
Mathew G.
Patient - Dr De La Cruz
Dr. Rodriguez is a miracle worker!! I had extreme back pain due to my time in the military. I tried many things to have my chronic pain get better, but nothing was helping. After a few sessions, most of my pain has gone away. I never thought I can live a life without back pain, but Dr. Rodriguez made it possible. I will continue to be his patient and definitely be a customer for life. Highly recommend Dr. Rodriguez especially to any military personal!
Alex A.
Patient - Dr Rodriguez
Dr. Cressey is THE BEST! I was referred by a friend, and went to my first visit with some pretty painful symptoms. During my first visit Dr. Cressey took the time to listen to me, and asked great questions that allowed him to get a very clear understanding of what was going on with my back before the adjustment. He was very transparent with me about the costs associated with treatment (adjustments, therapy etc), which turned out to be so much more affordable than I expected.

Even though I was in a fair amount of pain going in- the adjustment did not hurt at all, and Dr. Cressey was very clear and respectful, explaining each step of the adjustment. We discussed a treatment plan moving forward that was very straightforward. After the adjustment, a therapist named Glenda facilitated two therapy treatments. She was very warm and knowledgeable. I have continued to see the Dr for only a handful of visits and I am already feeling so much better. I would recommend Dr Cressey and his staff to anyone. I couldn't say enough positive things about this practice.
Rory M.
Patient - Dr Cressey
I've recently been experiencing headaches and migraines everyday for over a month now, following a stiff neck and back problems. That's when I decided to see Dr Kuo since I've seen him in the past and don't really trust anyone else to give me adjustments.

Just after the first visit my headaches have been less frequent if not at all and plan to continue the treatment knowing that it will only get better. He not only gives you the adjustment, but also electric stem and ultrasound and occasionally applies "rock tape" to the problem areas of the body, which in my opinion is miracle tape. I appreciate how Dr Kuo educates me on the many different things I can do and what caused my condition. I don't know any other chiropractor that does all the many things in one visit to treat his patients. Many of my friends who seek out chiro care never say they get ultrasound or electric stem in their visit. I highly recommend Dr Kuo to all my friends and family Oh yeah!

I've also suffer from bunions and his office offers "Sole Supports" Custom inserts for help anyone's unique foot conditions. For me it was a collapsed arch, and I still wear them to this day. And my 13 year old daughter has inherited the bunions and soon plan to invest in sold supports to help her.
Jennifer A.
Patient - Dr Kuo
I came in to see Dr De La Cruz after getting injured during my half marathon training. Prior to seeing him I had stopped my running for two weeks in hopes that my knee would feel a little better but it only got worse even with no activity. I would have pain all day while sitting, standing, walking, driving...etc. The only time I was pain free was during my sleep. I knew Dr De La Cruz would be a great fit because he is a runner himself and a Xc and track coach and wouldn't brush off my pain and concerns like other professionals I've visited in the past.

During the course of seeing him I went from fidgeting at my desk at work all day from the discomfort and pain to being able to sit pain free. If you're a runner or athlete with an injury or looking to recover more quickly I can't recommend Dr De La Cruz enough! He will work with you to get you on your feet feeling strong and pain free again.

Aside from his magical hands the staff at the front desk are really friendly and will make you feel welcomed 🙂
Krina T.
Patient - Dr De La Cruz
After a few months of being in a car accident, I was referred to Dr. Rodriguez for my lower back pain. With this accident and being a preschool teacher- I'm constantly on my feet and bending every which way, so my lower back pain became unbearable. After only a few sessions with Dr. Rodriguez, I have definitely noticed slight improvements in mobility and hoping for a full recovery with the sessions to come! He has been amazing and would definitely recommend!
Melissa C.
Patient - Dr Rodriguez
Ok so, listen. I've been going to Cressey for nearly a year. I've had chronic issues from a car accident 20 years ago. I also have chronic health concerns like migraines and sinus pressure. The first time I went to his office, he just listens to your concerns then goes in. He's SO GOOD that he can tell just by you walking in what needs adjusting after knowing your body. The man is EFFICIENT.

So what prompted me TODAY to write a review? My friends. Let me tell you. A pandemic is not my version of a good time (ok maybe a bit. I don't miss traffic in LA) my body has really absorbed stress in new and exciting ways like frozen shoulder and severe TMJ. I asked him to check out both issues today and the numbness in my arm went from a 12 to a 6 (massive difference. I can actually feel movement again) and my jaw? It's not my favorite treatment of his but I feel like the tin man when Dorothy oiled his jaw. I'm sitting here looking in the mirror and moving my mouth. Who knew it was THIS stiff?!

Dang, Cressey. Thanks dude. See ya Saturday. PS - ask him about music.
Katie K.
Patient - Dr Cressey
I went in to see Dr. Jerry Rodriguez along with my nephew. We both had some tightness on our Hams and lower back from baseball and weight lifting. He did some great work on both of us. His sports medicine background is truly visible in his works. We will both be seeing him again regularly as we have seen great improvements in our movement and performance.
Fernando N.
Patient - Dr Rodriguez