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Smith Chiropractic Group has been serving the Pasadena community with high quality and compassionate care for over four decades. Our approach is always patient focused for comfort and quality of life. 

We have helped hundreds of patients achieve greater health and pain-free living without invasive procedures or unnecessary drugs. We can help you too! Book an appointment today and start your journey to a healthier tomorrow.

Are you suffering with low back pain, sciatica, neck pain? – Don’t just go to anyone.

Smith Chiropractic Group is a lineage of Chiropractic Doctors dating back to the turn of the century. For over 100 years, as each Chiropractor handed over the reins to the next, there was a promise. That promise was given by the new doctor to his mentor, of total dedication to the good care of the patients being entrusted to him. There was also the guarantee that patient care would be administered with kindness, help, and admiration, along with a promise to pursue a lifetime of learning to insure that knowledge continues as our cornerstone for quality care. Finally, there is a promise to mentor new doctors with these principles.

On these founding principles we have mentored some of the very best doctors into the team we have today. We have five doctors, and a wide network of specialists each with a slightly different emphasis on your health. Whether you have a sports injury, an accident, spinal problem, common ailment like arthritis, or just want to improve your overall health, we have the expertise, experience and the team to help you.


Doctor Smith

Founder, Smith Chiropractic Group

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Specialty Areas

Our chiropractic approach is safe, natural and very effective. It is also suitable for the whole family,
without the use of drugs and chemicals. It is important to identify the underlying cause
of the problem to create a comprehensive approach for your long term health.
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Meet our Doctors

Our chiropractic approach is safe, natural and very effective. It is also suitable for the whole family,
without the use of drugs and chemicals.
Dr Kevin Cressey has dedicated his practice to the pursuit of exceptional patient care. He holds a multitude of certifications, giving him a vast understanding of your wellness needs.
Dr Jerry Rodriguez takes a professional approach to evidence based chiropractic care, allowing him to customize your treatment with the latest techniques and state of the art modalities.
Dr David Kuo has over 20 years of chiropractic and sports medicine experience, so he understands how to get to the root cause of the problem or condition and get you out of pain.
Dr Andres De La Cruz has a professional focus on strength and conditioning. Working with patients to proactively avoid injury as well as recover quickly from sports related conditions.
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